Lab 1: Cytology
Cell Models (Two Different Models): New Model and Old Model
Videos:  Old Model: Nucleus &Centrioles, Membranous Organelles
 New Model: Cell Membrane & Nucleus, Membranous Organelles, Nonmembranous Organelles          
Nucleus --- nuclear membrane --- nucleoplasm --- nucleolus --- chromatin --- ribosomes --- Golgi complex or apparatus --- cytoplasm --- cell membrane (distinct structure only on older model) --- smooth (agranular) endoplasmic reticulum --- rough (granular) endoplasmic reticulum --- centrosome (distinct only on older model) --- centrioles --- mitochondria with cristae --- lysosomes --- peroxisome (only on older model) --- fat vacuole (only on newer model) --- secretory vesicles.
Parts of Microscope; How to Use Microscope (Please note: In the microscope in this tutorial the fine focus adjustment and illuminator switches are in different locations.)
Objectives: 4X (scanning); 20X; 40X (high dry); 100X (oil immersion lens) --- ocular or eyepiece (10X) --- mechanical stage --- coarse and fine focus adjustment knobs --- light source and switch --- condenser --- iris diaphragm lever --- base --- arm --- revolving nosepiece --- slide holder --- parfocal (Do not try to find this! It is a concept! The concept is the retention of focus when magnification is changed. It is a property of your microscope.)
Mitosis (Asexual Cellular Division)
1. Slide #1 (whitefish blastula)
Find all the stages of mitosis and interphase. 
2. Mitosis models Video: Mitosis Models
Identify: interphase --- all stages of mitosis (PMAT) --- spindle fibers --- chromosomes --- cleavage furrow --- centrioles ---kinetochore microtubule --- aster microtubule. To view each phase click on the appropriate links: interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase.