Labs 4: Bone Anatomy and Development
A. Bone Histology
     1. Slide #14A   (Ground or compact bone, osteon, lacunae)
Find --- central (Haversian) canal --- perforating (Volkmann’s) canal --- concentric lamellae --- interstitial lamellae --- lacunae with osteocytes --- canaliculi --- osteon (Haversian system).
B. Models of Compact Bone
     1. Large Model
Videos:      Bone Model: Orientation, Periosteum, Circumferential Lamellae, Osteon, Interstitial Lamellae & Endosteon 
Find --- concentric lamellae --- interstitial lamellae --- circumferential lamellae --- lacunae --- osteocytes --- spongy (cancellous) bone --- endosteum --- periosteum with --- outer fibrous layer and --- inner osteogenic layer --- Sharpey’s fibers --- osteon --- perforating (Volkmann’s) canal --- central (Haversian) canal --- canaliculi.
     2. Model of Osteon (Haversian system) (superior view, lateral view)
Video: Osteon Model
Find --- central (Haversian) canal with artery, vein, lymph vessel and nerve --- concentric lamella --- lacunae --- canaliculi --- osteocytes--- osteocyte processes.
C. Bone Development
Slide #24A (Cancellous bone with epiphyseal plate, bone remodeling in diaphysis)
Find --- trabeculae (bony network) --- hemopoietic tissue (in bone marrow) --- osteoclasts often in Howship’s lacunae next to bone --- osteoblasts (endosteum) --- lacunae with osteocytes ---medullary (marrow) cavity --- zone of resting or reserve cartilage --- zone of proliferating cartilage --- zone of hypertrophic cartilage --- zone of calcified cartilage --- epiphysis --- diaphysis.