Lab 3. Sheep Brain Dissection and Preserved Human Specimens
Diagram of Sheep Brain - Lateral view
Diagram of Sheep Brain - Inferior view
A. Sheep Brain Dissection  inferior view of sheep brain; Sheep Brain Tutorial

      Today’s lab includes a sheep brain dissection. Try to save the first six cranial nerves (or at least one of each pair). I will go around to help you. When finished, you should place the brain back into the jar and put your name, your partner’s name, and your class time or section on the jar. The sheep brains will be stored in the cadaver room. You cannot take them home because they are preserved and could be toxic. This is school policy!

Structures to identify on the sheep brain

B. Preserved Human Brain
     The instructor will go over these and point out the structures you will be responsible for. Please be very gentle with these specimens!
C. Preserved Human Spinal Cord
     Find – anterior median fissure --- filum terminale --- pia mater --- dura mater --- dorsal root ganglia --- spinal nerves --- cauda equina --- lumbar enlargement --- cervical enlargement --- conus medullaris --- sciatic nerve --- rootlets --- denticulate ligaments --- brachial plexus --- sacral plexus --- lumbar plexus --- cervical plexus.
Structures to identify on preserved spinal cord