Lab 3: Pig Heart Dissection and Human Heart Models
A. Pig Heart Dissection
     Working in groups of two or three, and using the instructions provided, dissect a pig heart. You will need to use gloves as these hearts are preserved in a preservative solution. The various structures that you will need to know will be hyperlinked.
B. Models of Human Heart (YouTube - Circulatory system) (YouTube - Heart Function)
Videos: Heart Model I: Miscellaneous Features; Anterior Surface; Radiographic Surfaces 
  Heart Model II: Surface Anatomy; Right Atrium; Right Ventricle; Left Atrium; Left Ventricle; Ventricles-Internal Anatomy; Azygos & Brachiocephalic Veins 
Superior vena cava --- azygos vein --- left and right brachiocephalic veins --- inferior vena cava --- ascending (systemic) aorta --- pulmonary trunk --- right and left pulmonary arteries --- two left pulmonary veins --- two right pulmonary veins --- ligamentum arteriosum (just a white line between the pulmonary trunk and systemic aorta on the small heart model and very pronounced on the thymus gland heart model) --- right auricle --- left auricle --- coronary sulcus --- right coronary artery with --- marginal branch --- posterior interventricular sulcus --- posterior interventricular artery --- middle cardiac vein --- left coronary artery with --- circumflex branch and --- anterior interventricular branch in the --- anterior interventricular sulcus --- coronary sinus --- aortic arch --- brachiocephalic artery --- left common carotid artery --- left subclavian artery --- great cardiac vein --- aortic semilunar valve --- pulmonary semilunar valve --- right atrioventricular (AV) valve also known as the tricuspid valve --- left atrioventricular (AV) valve also known as the mitral or bicuspid valve --- chordae tendineae --- papillary muscles --- right atrium --- right ventricle --- left atrium --- left ventricle --- interventricular septum ---  apex --- base or crown --- trabeculae carneae --- fossa ovalis (not present in the small heart model) --- myocardium --- epicardium (visceral pericardium) --- endocardium --- thymus --- interatrial septum.